All our solutions include a state-of-the-art 3D GUI Management Dashboard for Instant Visibility & Real-Time Reporting, giving users a quick, reliable overview of sensors consolidated data.

Maximize analysis efficiency and enable faster communication through our real-time data-driven dashboards.


Smart Water Meter

Eliminate manual readings and manage water flow & consumption from a central server and dashboard.

Certified by NMI & live tested by AIR SELANGOR, our smart meters are prepaid technology ready and tamper-proof, with LoRaWAN-enabled remote shutdown functions for water flow management.


Smart Asset Tracker

Long-range, high sensitivity asset trackers, providing real-time GPS data at a fraction of regular costs using our LoRaWAN infrastructure.

Waterproof & tamperproof, our asset trackers are a cost effective, alternative solution for fleet monitoring and management. Run analysis of routes and fuel consumption via our dashboard or handheld apps.


Smart Telemetry Data

Monitor PM2.5, temperature and humidity levels, and be alerted to dangerous CO2 concentration both indoor and outside your premises.

Receive centralized & comprehensive reporting from all telemetry sensors. Pro-active monitoring and statistical analysis with interactive graphs and alerts via a customizable dashboard.


Smart Weather Station

Our LoRaWAN-enabled weather stations offer reliable and customizable weather data and alerts, designed specifically for tropical, local climate.

Solar-powered, rugged, flexible and reliable under the most demanding circumstances. Key measurements include temperature and relative humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, windspeed, PM10 – PM2.5.


Smart Street Lights

Optimize the energy consumption and efficiency of your street lights with LEDs controlled via time schedules and motion triggers.

Automated alerts during power outages or lost connectivity, the lights are equipped with motion sensors and dim controllers able to drastically minimize consumption during off-peak hours. Compatible with all ANSI C136-41 NEMA 7pin type LED luminaires and embedded with Ambient Light Sensors.


Smart Parking

Locate & reserve empty parking spots in real-time via an app, and manage occupancy and payment with our smart parking e-solutions.

Our devices are designed to detect car occupancy and alert the operator to the status of all parking bays, viewable via dashboard or app. This can be extended to users to locate available lots and make reservations & payment remotely.


Smart Waste Management

Measure contractor KPI and optimize collection operations and schedules, with real-time data and predictive analysis for better decision making.

Our sensors can be customized to alert contractors when bins are near full, and all recorded data will be centralized for analysis, operator KPI measurement and reimbursement. Battery life >3 years based on nominal usages.


Smart Classrooms

Facilitate education through web-hosted learning and automation throughout classrooms & campuses.

Facial/fingerprint automated attendance systems, interactive smartboards, online lectures & podcasts, integrated cashless campus & smart parking solutions managed within a LoRaWAN network.


Smart Agriculture

Apply modern IoT techniques and analytics-driven decision making to increase production quantity & quality, at lower costs.

Rate soil moisture & nutrient levels, monitor livestock & crop growth and increase yield through optimal planting & harvesting processes and smart Aquaculture management.


Smart Furniture

Sustainable, eco-friendly IoT furniture to integrate with and complement your other smart home appliances.

We’ve collaborated with the only PEFC certified company in the country, award-winning ‘green’ carpenter – DAPO, to produce high-quality smart furniture created exclusively from locally harvested sustainable timber & reprocessed materials.


Green Energy

Reduce power consumption and drive sustainability by leveraging natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides & geothermal heat.

Installation of solar panels and wind or water turbines to produce green energy can greatly reduce overall power consumption for your businesses & homes. Set an example for future generations to follow.